Food-grade Bottle for Healthy Life

The whole world is going green, why should not you? To protect the environment and ensure your health, we produce top-class Borosilicate water bottle. This glass, made of glass melting through heating inside the glass by taking advantage of the conductive property of glass at high temperature. It is processed by advanced production technology. Because the thermal expansion coefficient of line is (3.3mm 0.1)×10-6/K, it is also known as “borosilicate glass 3.3”., is a fine substitute for plastics. These widely popular bottles are not only eco-friendly and reusable but also cost-effective. The charming visual clarity of the drinks preserved in the bottle is delivered by the artistic glass. The essential silicone makes the bottles sturdy for longer use in a wide temperature range. Jiangsu Yukoufu Bottle Co. Ltd.came up with a premium range of bottles, the product is Borosilicate glass, a perfect amalgamation of silica and boron trioxide. This glass can withstand a high level of thermal shock and extremely durable.
The products are free from Bisphenol-A (BPA) which is harmful to the human body as it interferes with the hormone control system. Borosilicate glass bottles are also free from hazardous chemicals used to manufacture plastic bottles. This glass type does not interact with food materials, drinks, and other additives used in the drinks. For this reason, you will not experience any change in the taste of the drinks kept in the bottle. Also, it has been widely proven that there is no alteration of food or drinks color when using Borosilicate bottles for a longer period. Even if you keep drinking water in a Borosil bottle, you will notice the water will retain its original taste. Moreover, there will be no formation of any slimy contents tethered to the bottle wall that most users see in plastic bottles.When using Borosil containers as a vessel for day to day drinking or eating purpose, one does not have to worry about which kind of food or drink (acidic or basic) the container can hold. There will be absolutely zero degradation of drinks or foods as these bottles will not initiate any chemical reaction.
Besides water bottles, we also produce pitchers and coffee mugs. You should try our wide range of reusable coffee mugs made from high-quality Borosilicate glass. Once you have started using re-usable mugs to start your day with hot or cold coffee, you do not have to worry about polluting the environment with piles of disposable coffee cups. Besides, using reusable mugs means investing in them for once and saving yourself from spending a fortune on use and throw cups.
YKF also produces premium grade tea infusers. They come with a double Borosilicate glass wall, infuser system made of stainless steel 304, Perfect for loose leaf tea, fruit infusions. And silicone lining to make the bottle completely air-tight. The infuser bottle can endure high temperature and make the drink pure taste, which is beneficial for the people who love to drink pure tea. All the parts of tea infusers are made from top-class dishwasher compatible materials. Hand-washing of the parts is also permitted and suggested . The tea-infusers are of feasible size for hand-washing and come with heat-proof silicone covering. The borosilicate glass comes with a high degree of smoothness which makes the infuser easy to clean just by rinsing in water as well.















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