What is high borosilicate glass , and why we choose high borosilicate glass water bottles ?

High borosilicate glass: also known as hard glass, it is a special glass material with low expansion, high temperature resistance, high hardness, high transmittance and high chemical stability. High transparency, wear resistance, smooth surface, easy to clean, healthy and sanitary. It can be used in solar collector tubes, chemical equipment, household utensils. It is characterized by small expansion coefficient, not easy to burst under the temperature mutation of 0-200 degrees; acid, alkali, water and corrosion resistance. and will not release any toxic substances and peculiar smell under high temperature.

The high borosilicate glass water bottle never has a high expansion coefficient and can withstand the change of instantaneous high temperature and high temperature difference. Moreover, the high borosilicate glass water bottle is a harmless glass container. The high borosilicate glass water bottle has been certified by the Food and Drug Administration of the world. A recognized non-toxic and harmless container.

Compared with ordinary glass, the chemical stability of high borosilicate glass tumbler is several times higher than that of soda lime glass bottle, it is with excellent ability to withstand temperature difference , when filled with hot/cold water it won’t break. and it has good corrosion resistance. The color of the high borosilicate glass bottle  has high clarity and more beautiful.