Professional tea infuser – green tea efficacy (part 2)

  1. Reduce the risk of cancer: Non-fermented green tea keeps polyphenols from being oxidized. Tea polyphenols can block the synthesis of various carcinogens such as nitrosamines in the body, and can scavenge free radicals and reduce the damage of free radicals to related DNA in cells. There is clear evidence that free radicals can cause various symptoms of discomfort in the body Among them, cancer is the most serious one. Drink green tea regularly to remove free radicals in the body, thereby reducing the risk of cancer.


  1. Reduce radiation damage: Tea polyphenols and their oxidation products have the ability to absorb radioactive substances. Clinical trials of relevant medical departments have confirmed that during radiation therapy, patients with tumors may cause mild radiation sickness with reduced leukocytes, and tea extracts are effective for treatment. Office workers face a lot of computer time and are unconsciously exposed to radiation damage. Choosing green tea is indeed the first choice for office workers.


  1. Anti-aging: The tea polyphenols and vitamins in green tea have strong antioxidant power and physiological activity, which can effectively remove free radicals in the human body. The aging and diseases of the human body are largely related to excessive free radicals in the human body. Tests have confirmed that the anti-aging effect of tea polyphenols is 18 times stronger than vitamin E
14oz tea tumbler glass tea infuser bottle +strainer
14oz tea tumbler glass tea infuser bottle +strainer loose tea leaf infuser

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