Glass water bottle is the most popular bottle people choose in daliy use .

100% BPA free and recyclable, fill with warm drink in the winter , or with ice tube in the summer , or put on the fridge and make your cool drink , it’s a good choose .

with leakproof lid , size can be 12oz,17oz,25oz,32oz

High borosilicate glass wood printing lid water bottle with silicone sleeve

Glass water bottle is designed to meet the daily use of most people

Scene 1 , While we come home from hot summer , probably can not wait to take out the bottle of iced water from fridge,

it will cool down our body and get hydration and take enough water our body need.

Scene 2, Enjoy free time rest at garden and make fresh jucie ,and use the elegant glass water bottle ,feel like the juice more tasteful .

also the glass water bottle is just right storage bottle that you can put in fridge to keep the juice cool and fresh for day

Scene 3, Keep glass water bottle in office table or in handbag , also will remind us to drink eough water for everyday we needed

some of our water bottle designed to be portable with carrying loops on the cap, that will be easy to carry while you are on-the-go

most important thing is all the bottle caps are leakproof , so should never need to worry about leak issue.

glass water bottle
glass water bottle


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Ben Kleschinsky,from US reviewed:

Glass water bottle is a much better insulator than plastic and metal, but more importantly I prefer the taste of glass over stainless steel for drinking. I’m not a chemist or a scientist, but I can explain to you the using experience and why plastic and steel bottle were discontinued. It wasn’t because of cost, it’s because one works better.